7 Tips For Selecting A Best Dedicated Server Hosting

When you are upgrading a dedicated server, it is best to remember that all dedicated servers are not similar, and also that not all the website hosting solutions provided by service providers are operating on the dedicated servers. As it is quite difficult to check key business features individually, one has to look for a service provider which essentially operates with the best technology. You must have a clear insight about how your actual business functions in the ‘real’ world, and how technology can be used to drive it more efficiently.

Choice Of Operating System:
The most critical factor while deciding a dedicated hosting solution is the freedom to select an operating system as per your own choice, in accordance with the business. The applications operating for your businesses have to be specifically defined for an operating system such as Windows Server OS or related Linux distributions. Under certain special business conditions, the running software must only be compatible with the existing operating system version. You must be careful that the service provider has enabled your dedicated server to operate on the OS as per your business needs.

Server Configuration System:
Not only is the OS choice critical, but other features such as the ability of having control of the system through the server are important too, such as a resource usage prediction feature which ensures that needs that arise configurationally are met well in time. There is the further requirement of establishing SSH / RDP access at root level, for having better access to the server configuration system.

Hardware Choice- A Costly Decision:
As the dedicated servers are quite expensive, it is critical that you look for a hosting provider who is offering plenty of options for selecting the hardware for your business. You can easily ask for the most apt hardware to be set up in a specific way so that it incorporates the ability to enhance the performance capabilities without paying anything extra for the end users of your services. It is true that businesses which have a wide scope of hardware business choices can capitalize on any opportunity of growth. The commercial range of options available for business and CPU models also has a variety of cores on offer for matching the speed of business operations. Additionally, the size of RAM, along with the types of RAM, such as DDR3 or DDR4, and better hard disk capacity for managing the bandwidth and RAID system are big factors in terms of hardware selection.

Control Panel Options:
The available control panels can quite easily help in managing your server functions for business applications by running system functions effectively. While stock control panels which operate across the available system for managing some business needs are quite sufficient, you can have the beneficial options of cPanel & WHM operating across the Linux servers. The Plesk control software has features for Windows as well as Linux servers that help in business expansion and growth. It is quite easy to navigate the wide range of powerful control tools, with in built management functions operating across the cPanel and Plesk modules for better business operations across the globe.

Stable Security Features:
Once the server systems across the IT business operations are taken offline, your organisation is vulnerable during the downtime. In case of any data breach, mitigating the risk of misfiling financial information that can lead to damage of business reputation and even customer legal action is one of the prominent priorities. Almost sixty percent of hacked organisations are out of business within 6 months of their security being called into question. With security features as the primary factor in mind, one must be careful while choosing a dedicated hosting provider. Factors such as location and physical security across the datacentres can be used to rate the dedicated hosting provider.

One must look for firewalls, intrusion management, website and application security features along with better DDoS protection, malware and virus prevention. Fortunately, ModulesZone offers you excellent services for managing the SSL certificates, business IP addresses and spam filtering techniques.

Server Management:
Carrying out server management is not only easy but very compatible with a compatible dedicated hosting provider. You can be saved from criticalities for a long time with services such as operating system updates, application installation and monitoring the server functions. You can constantly check for the best services for the operating servers for better and enhanced business performance, and your business can be at the top position by handling all the customer queries and resolving issues pertaining to them with ModulesZone.

Better Technical Support:
At times, your business’s IT team requires the service provider to manage technical support for carrying out complicated business tasks and for troubleshooting issues. The support system needs to be operational 24/7 on the phone as well as email. In case your dedicated servers go offline, they can be fixed remotely.

Technical support has entirely different approaches across the customer support system, from a specialist IT team operating across the business solutions to automating resolution process for easily dealing with common hurdles and issues.

RAM Requirements-
There will be times in the business when you will be needing more RAM requirements. This also makes a very important factor in choosing the best dedicated server. The best dedicated server hosting will fulfill all the extended RAM requirements.

Backup Services-
Backup services are very important for a dedicated server blog. Backup services are crucial to tackling disaster scenarios and the best-dedicated server providers in India keep this thing at priority. The best-dedicated server host will provide the perfect blend of storage and backup. The best-dedicated server hosting in India will not only consider providing a reliable server backup but will make sure that the backup is done in real-time.

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